Lesson 2. Topic 4

Basic principles of immunotropic destination therapy. Immunorehabilitation, immunoprophylaxis

Research recommended sources of information. Give detailed answers to the questions below

Useful Information

Give detailed answers to the following questions

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  1. Classification of immunotropic drugs.

  2. Define the main criteria of appointment and principles of clinical application of immunotropic drugs.

  3. Immunoglobulin therapy: indications, dosage regimens. Application features and side effects of therapy.

  4. Cytokine therapy: types, the spectrum of indications and contraindications.

  5. Immunosuppressive drugs: groups and classification, main indications and side effects.

  6. Immunological aspects of targeted therapy: the principle of action, classification, examples of clinical application.

  7. Types and features of specific immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases.

  8. Absolute and comparative contraindications to vaccination.

  9. Characteristics of immuno-dependent reactions and complications in vaccination.